Colonies House: 2018 Status Meeting Summary

Colonies House Pool, Tennis Club & Hall
Status Update Meeting

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
7:00 PM


The meeting was called to order by Secretary, Jennifer Gonzalez at 7:05 PM. A quorum was established with Tae Garcia (President), Chad Keck, Carmelo Lucio, and Kathy Mochel present. Eighty homeowners in attendance.


Jennifer Gonzalez commented on challenges facing Colonies House (CH) last year, the items the new Board of Directors inherited following a full election March 2017, and vision for the future.

  • Summary of 2017 Challenges
    • Colonies House was in serious decline and in danger of imminent closure, facing numerous issues including significant financial crises (multiple past-due accounts, IRS tax lien), outstanding repairs and facilities work (pool resurfacing, A/C breakdown, plumbing leaks).
    • Insufficient and unsuccessful marketing and communication impacted hall and event revenue, CH reputation and brand.
    • Community developer issued a warning to the former board that property will be assumed back if CH loses operational capacity.
  • What was done?
    • New board of directors formed and worked quickly to assess both financial and facilities issues and most urgently, take action.
    • Results delivered included gains in financial recovery, pool restoration, increased hall rental, and revitalization of CH brand and reputation.
  1. Multiple interior and exterior repairs and upgrades made
  2. New logo and webpage designed, marquee signage added
  3. Improved social media marketing and new communication systems created
  4. Board also benefited from key community volunteers and benefactors

Results reflect the unlocked potential of CH given active support and engagement within “village”.

  • Current Status
    • Colonies House is more stable and organized.
    • Revenue has grown via:
      • Pool membership increase over prior years
      • Hall rental and event attendance increasing
    • Many long-term and dire repairs and improvements made across facilities.
  • Next Steps
    • Vision for 2018
      • Increase donations
      • Continue hall momentum via diversified and increased marketing
      • Expand pool membership - # and reach
  • Challenges & Long-term Sustainability
    • CH still in a recovery state, in spite of progress
    • Aging pool and hall facilities and declining interest/engagement leave Colonies House in an almost constant state of financial insecurity
    • Community engagement and active support a must for survival
      • Positions available:
        • Board: Treasurer (Officer), Grounds, Events
        • Paid (non-board) positions: Hall Manager, Lifeguard Coordinator
      • Annual investment of funds and memberships are essential to shifting CH to a long-term, more sustainable status
    • When no longer viable, Colonies House will shut down and property return to the developer, Uptmore Custom Homes, for demolition and transition to multi-family residential housing.
  • The “Three Asks”

Colonies House closure has a direct bearing on the area, whether a homeowner is a member of the pool or not as home values in Colonies North will be impacted.

Colonies House Board of Directors will continue efforts to maximize value of membership, and support of this community resource, but the task is much more attainable when neighbors also take ownership. The board respectfully asks that all community members:

  1. Engage friends and neighbors to become pool members
  2. Make and seek donations (
  3. Join the board or volunteer
  • Q & A

Questions and comments were welcomed from meeting attendees. Discussion items and planned next-steps are as follows:

    • Board will coordinate new events throughout 2018 including yoga, bingo, bunco, and bring back events popular in 2017 including Painting with a Twist
  • POOL
    • Swipe card access - Board will soon research implementation of card access to pool facilities and related considerations (insurance, cost, etc)
    • Hours – Board to look into hours for 2018 including possible inclusion of morning swim hours
    • Board to continue pursuit of sponsor

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:03 PM.